About “Brenna Venkatesh”

We believe in a better way of doing business. Of treating customers as humans. Not as targets, data points or subjects who need convincing…but as people, who need a little help.

Being human is about valuing what’s important to people – their emotions, their lives, their dreams, their realities. It’s about building relationships between a company and its customers on equal ground. Because relationships are the source of results.

By humanizing business – breaking down the walls, departments and structures that keep customers on the outside – companies can integrate the people they’re trying to serve into the ways they work. To create change. To weave customers into the fabric of a company’s culture. To see bigger possibilities for customers, employees and business.

To maximize growth and minimize risk. Working with customers, on equal ground, for mutual benefit, creating something we call, Customer-Inspired Growth.

Posted projects

  • Project costBudget: $50.00 - $100.00

Resource Ask 4 – 5 days per month on average Typically 1-2 decks per month of approximately 60 slides per deck Skills Copyediting: working with…

  • Project LevelProfessional Required
  • Job Duration3 to 6 months
  • Project deadlineExpired
  • Project typeHourly Rate
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