Adventure trip planner prototype design

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Project details

At Wildr we’re building an adventure trip planner. Our users are focussed on experiences more than destination, so we ask them what kind of trip they want and then show them bookable snapshots of entire trips, including where to go, what to do, where to stay and how to get there. The aim is to solve hours of holiday research and planning.

We’re looking for a product designer to take the average looking trip planner designs I’ve done and transform them into something unique and exciting that supports the product aims. We’ll use these designs to build a quick and dirty prototype and also use them in the pitch deck materials as we look to raise pre-seed investment.The trip planner user flow that we need designs for looks like this:

Enter type of things you’re into (e.g. Wild swimming, hiking)-> Enter your start location -> Optionally enter more info (dates, transport mode etc) -> View customised snapshots of trips that meet the search criteria -> Add / remove activities to the suggested trip -> Checkout and buy the accommodation and optional paid for activities.

We want to use a mobile first design approach, but also need desktop versions.

As we are pre funding, we envisage the first round of designs for the prototype will be done quickly, even if that means a few rough edges, e.g. in 2-5 days – so don’t apply if you’re looking for big ticket longer term work! So ideal candidates need to like working quickly at the concept stage. You’d also ideally have a good handle on UX best practices.

I’ll add to this brief later and provide existing designs, wireframes, user flows etc.

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