Web Development work for Disruptive Social

  • Job DurationMore than 6 months
  • Project LevelExpert Required
  • Project deadlineExpired
  • // Kingdom

Project details

We’re an East London based Creative Agency with a passion for making brands explode online.

We challenge the conventional way of thinking. Innovation is a way we find to do more for a client than anybody else does, we go beyond the call of duty and treat your business as if it’s our own. An expert team of geeks, gurus and growth hackers cutting through the most attention dense environment on the planet.

From small start-ups to intergovernmental organisations, developing projects across across the globe.

We’re wanting to work with a web developer on a fixed fee monthly basis to assist with client projects.

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In accordance with GDRP, we would like to obtain your consent for marketing efforts. We’ll only ask once.