Woocommerce audit

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I am a Philly area web designer and I need some help with a client’s Woocommerce site. I am looking for an expert WordPress developer with extensive Woocommerce knowledge to help.

We run a dance/fitness video membership site, using Woo Subscriptions and Woo Memberships. We recently installed GiveWP and some substantial problems arose: login issues, recurring billing, subscription cancellations, payments not lining up with orders/subscriptions, etc.

I’ve had two Upwork developers look at it and haven’t given me much faith since problems keep happening. but I need someone locally whom I can meet with in real time to figure out what has happened and do an overall audit of the site. It is too complex / bloated for me to manage with my limited development knowledge.

After we stabilize and prevent/solve any issues, I would be open to ideas for optimizing the features, but not ready for a total rebuild yet.

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